Thursday, August 2, 2012

B_LO - Sex and Aggression - The Story of a Villian

Cleveland, Ohio is home to a world of MC's that always bring the heat. With that being said one MC brings the heat on a different level. With that being said I introduce you to B_LO. LO has recently released his project Sex and Aggressions- Story of A Villian, which showcases the Cleveland MC on another level from the rest of the Mid-West. He touches on things like growing up in a city where they don't want you to dream, getting busy in the bedroom, and being way too messed up or as he calls it In The Paint. That's exactly what he did with the single off the project In The Paint, he opens the doors into a night of being too drunk and the thoughts that go through his own head during that time. The project has some dope features from Franc West, AHPTIMUS PRIME, Tiarrah, G.A.M, Vega, DEE-lo, DJ Majette, and Pheens. The features aren't the final nudge though, the production is too crisp on the tape from producers Phenom, Vike, Mizzery Jones, RayIsYP, and Lando. The production along with the fetaures give LO a nice back up to accompany his powerful messages throughout the tape. Download the project, it definitely gets the MusicalSwerve seal of approval, so as always you got to Get Hip!

DOWNLOAD HERE: B LO- Sex and Aggressions (The Story of a Villian)