Monday, August 6, 2012

MusicalSwerve Exclusive: DJ Swerve - Empty Dreams (Ft. Dasanto, Soul Kryziz, Crazy8theGreat & Patrnezo Kennedy)

After the success the successful release of his single, NOWHERE2GO, Cleveland, Ohio newcomer DJ Swerve is back to deliver his second official single off of his upcoming project, First Impressions with Empty Dreams Ft. Dasanto, Soul Kryziz, Crazy8theGreat & Patrenzo KennedyFirst Impressions is DJ Swerve's debut LP which showcases artists out of the Mid-West area including Rampage( FlipMode Universal), LP Da Assassin (Chicago), TreaZon (Cleveland), KeilyN (Youngstown), Danny London (Cleveland), SoulKlap (The Blue Throne by Mick Boogie) and more. As the second single off the project Empty Dreams paints the picture of the late night dreams that keep people up every night and eat away at you slowly making you believe you can't achieve what you set out to. Laced with production from DJ Swerve and JayBradley (TreaZon's Zero Love LP), Empty Dreams has an atmospheric vibe with eccentric synthesizers, allowing for the smooth instrumental to play out and have the listener get lost in the music.

STREAM LINK: Empty Dreams (SoundCloud Link)
DOWNLOAD LINK: Empty Dreams (Download Link)