Monday, April 8, 2013

ZuP - Room To Grow (Album Review)

Cleveland, Ohio: In my short time in this music business, I've met a ton of great people who I'm honored to call my friends. There is one artist though who stands among the small few who is considered family. You may remember ZuP from 'NOWHERE2GO', 'Submissive', 'Drunk &nd Sunburnt', or 'Cat Burglar' and let me tell you ZuP did it again. Below is a track by track review of the album which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, XBox Music, and more! Get Hip!

1. L.A. Red Intro: The introduction sets the pace for the album giving listeners a chance to hear the mindset of the project and does a very good job of that.
2. No Reason: Produced by ZuP himself the track is a direct reflection of what ZuP does best, PARTY. While CoCo Z scratched on the beginning, ZuP comes in an right off the bat lets every listener know he is a RAPPER who just so happens as a smooth singing voice as well.
3. Cat Burglar: Produced by ZuP, what is there to be said about 2012 OHHA nominated single of the year. This is the one record on the project that bring so much energy not only in itself  but in every listener. One of my personal favorites.
4. Life Jacket 4 Two: Produced by 2BrosNoMario, the song takes ZuP on a little heavier sound then use to. Nevertheless he handles it with his powerful vocals, the scratching coming in on the end gives it this "Sublimeqsue" feel. \
5. Day After Tomorrow: Produced by ZuP, the record starts off with ShugaBooga giving it a quite proper introduction. ZuP takes the listener back to college and the parties and people involved with those oh so unforgettable nights. Very high energy and a catchy ass hook means this is one that could picked up in fraternities everywhere.
6. Jenga: Produced by ZuP, this has to be the most radio ready song on the album. Wonderfully written, combined with the catchy lyrics, and the Alternative-Pop beat, and thats what you call a HIT.
7. Drunk &nd Sunburnt: The one that got it all started. For me Drunk &nd Sunburnt is what you get when you mix a BBQ, girls in bikini's, and a whole lot of alcohol. This one is timeless.
8. Stalkerazzi: Produced by ZuP, this is the funniest and most clever break up song I think I've ever heard. Great production combined with a comical story and tons of energy makes for something very special.
9. Submissive: Produced by Phenom, this is the record where ZuP's voice really shines and a punchy jazzy beat provided by Phenom is exactly what it needed to be over.
10. Sounds of Silence: Produced by ZuP, this is the most controversial record on the project touching on subjects such as Sexual Equality, Alcoholism, and School Shootings. The beat is crazy and the ending to the song is one of the most creative things I've gotten to hear. This is one of those records people may skip over at first, but after truly listening to it, it may turn to their favorite.
11. Roses: Produced by ZuP, this is my favorite piece of work on the project. ZuP controls the energy from beginning to end while taking a closer look at himself, his relationships, and the way listeners portray him. As the energy picks up at the end, ZuP's vocals carry over adding the perfect balance.
12. The Wedding Song: Produced by ZuP, this is one of the ones that took me a couple a listens to appreciate. The production is good, but it's the chorus that shines on this one. Combine all that with the addition of the speech at the end and I think we have something that was put together with a purpose.
13. Cliche: Though not my favorite track, still very well put together. A nice switch in the project with the acoustic sound and smooth vocals compliment that.

DONT FORGET TO BUY ZuP's 'Room To Grow' on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or Xbox Music.