Friday, November 23, 2012

MusicalSwerve Exclusive: Get To Know Producer Extraordinaire LoudxPack

With out latest  MusicalSwerve exclusive interview, we are introducing to you a young producer/ graphic artists who has been making some serious noise across the industry. With credits as far as Gudda Gudda, Bun B, Jae Millz, and more LoudxPack is beginning to put his name in the list of hottest up and coming producers and graphic artists not only in the Mid-West but across the entire music industry. The Cleveland native, is known for his industry quality sound, mixed with powerful instrumentals lead by big drums and influential keys. Get Hip! and take time to get to know one of the hottest up and coming producers, LoudxPack!


1. Describe your style?

A:  i call it ratchet pop. but what you hear from me most is that down south shit, i make all types of beats tho. 

2. How'd you start producing?

A: the beat was always the coolest part of the song to me. my guy Lew put me onto FL studio in like 7th or 8th grade, the rest is history

3. You're not only a producer, tell me about your work with graphics?

A:  graphic design always been a hustle of mine, i like all mediums of art. i got a couple pieces with Jae Millz (the virgo 4 mixtape & his "dutch masters" single) check em out

4. How'd you come up with you name LoudxPack?

A:  i wanted to start a gang haha. i was loud all my ppl were the pack.. so i crossed the two i got LoudxPack & it just ran wit it

5. You have a lengthy credit list at a young age, whats next?

A:  just keep getting the music out how i have been, im working on bigger projects like albums. i wanna be grammy, multi platinum. all that

6. Whats your favorite track you have ever produced?

A:  It would have to be my most recent one on Gudda Gudda's Guddaville 3, track 8 " Right here"

7. How are you able to stay so consistent with your work?

A:  i do this everyday. music is my job/life

8. Describe the perfect "zone" that you are in when you work?

A: personally i like working during them vampire hours, its when i can flow the best. that & some kush

9. Any advice for producers out there looking to break into the industry?

A:  just keep working, i used to wish i could have songs with major artists. ive been doing this for 5 plus years now easy. it takes hard work, & positivity / good energy

10. Anybody you'd like to collaborate with?

A: Drumma Boy & Zaytoven. the 2 biggest inspirations to my music11. Where can people find more LoudxPack?

11. Where can the people find more from you?

A: Follow me @LoudxPack & check out for all updates