Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MusicalSwerve Exclusive: Legit Paper In The House! Get To Know Cleveland MC Ray Jr

Cleveland, Ohio: With our latest MusicalSwerve Exclusive Interview, we are introducing you to an artist from Cleveland, Ohio who has a knack for hit after hit. Ray Jr, formerly known as Young Ray, of Legit Paper Ent, is an artists whose song writing abilities have led him to the top of the game at an extremely solid pace. First the airwaves went crazy with 'Sloppy', then he gave the people that 'Lic Lac' and showed the whole world how we 'Livin'. As the Mid-West continues to rebuild its strengths in the music industry, Ray is one of many artist leading that pack. He recently released his newest project 'Welcome To Legit Paper' and will continue to be a threat in the rap game as well as a person who truly strives to make his community a better place. Get Hip if you aren't already, because Ray Jr is a name that will be engraved in the game for some time to come. 

1. How'd you come up with the famous Legit Paper?

 I rep street stuff, but its legal, we're a legit company, doing legit things. We're trying to showcase the positive things in the city rather than the negative.

 2. Your the king of the radio single right now in Cleveland, What mindset do you have when your writing?

Just try to have fun, keep the music fun. 

3. Alot of these younger cats in the Cleveland look up to you, whats the best advice you give them?

Never give up, stay focused, follow your dream and always be supportive of the next person. 

4. Favorite Pre-Show Meal?

Try not to eat before the show, I don't want to shit before I go on. I generally tend to drink a lot of fluids. 

5. Favorite Show ever done?

Last week in Akron, Primo's Downtown Akron. But I've had alot of good shows. I just like to have fun on stage make the best out of any situation. 

6. Favorite track ever done?

Mama, off of 'Welcome to Legit Paper' I did it for my Mom.  

7. Who was your biggest inspirtation musically as well in life growing up?

My Favorite artist is Tupac. 

8. PS3 or Xbox?

Right now, I'm on 2K12 waiting on 2K13, playing it on Xbox. 

9. Whats next for Ray Jr.?

Build my internet presence up and work on being a better executive, I feel like im a great artist now next step is being a great executive. 

10. Where can the people find all your music?
And we're currently finishing up the new Ray Jr Website which will soon be released. 

You can stream his latest project 'Welcome to Legit Paper' Here for Free: Welcome To Legit Paper (STREAM LINK)