Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MusicalSwerve Exclusive: Who Keeps The Lights On? Get To Know James Wade

A couple years back I was in school at Kent State University in Ohio. I had caught wind of an up and coming artist named James Wade. At that time James was making a little buzz for himself traveling around the U.S. performing and gaining new fans everywhere he went. After giving his projects a listen, James gained another fan in me. Recently, I got the chance to talk to the homie and get to know him. I met a laid back guy, willing to interact with his fans, whose grind was superior to a lot of cats who claim to be pulling their weight. I'd like you all to get to meet the same artist I met, I bring you James Wade, with out latest MusicalSwerve Exclusive Interview.

1. What made you take that first step leaving Atlanta? 

I actually left Atlanta heading into high school - I got in some trouble in school and with the law so I really didnt have a choice....ha - but that was such an eye opening and maturing experience - its made me who I am...
2. How does using your real name effect your music and what kind of response does that get from your fans?

real gimmicks! - ha - I think with using your own name as your brand and as the face of your music, people dont expect a "character" they expect it to be an honest portrayal of your life and your experiences. I think it allows you to be free-er, it allows you to be alot more personal and connect with fans that way - I don't think theres anything wrong with having a stage name though..but most duus don't have a name like James know - it just fits...
3. Who was your influences growing up?

One group changed my life - they not only influenced my opinion of rap but they literally got me invested in music in general - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - most underrated group ever - I also use to listen to alot of (2)Pac - 'Pac was my idol, those Deathrow days - but even before that - my 'rents would bump that New Jack Swing Era music, R&B, gospel, Be Be & Ce Ce Winans, Gap Band, Fugees - and then when I got into high school I actually got more into alternative music so I bumped Vertical Horizon, Nine Days, Goo Goo Dolls, Nirvana - so alot of different things
4. Describe your style?

Eclectic, good music, innovative...I combine spoken word and hip hop with r&b, gospel, alternative, and sometimes dubstep influences - its meant to attract ppl of all walks of life to a music that they can identify with and find relative - its as equally entertaining as it is informative - as an artist your biggest jobs is to create, at the highest level, your sound and be true to your craft - thats my style - real shit

5. Favorite Pre-Show meal?

eggs, grits, french toast - with something wrapped in that swisher ha and a screwdriver - then I'm good
6. Favorite track ever done?

My favorite track I've ever done is "Oscar Grant" - I had a beat that really hit me as something that had to be deep and just taken to another level as far as being personal and giving substance..and then I heard about the Oscar Grant murder and God just put it on my heart to make that track - I push to shoot a video for it and make it a single and I'm blessed to see that it was so well received - there was alot of resistance from blog sites to cover the song because of the themes I talked about (spiritually, police brutality, value of black life in America) but its a song everyone can relate to - and that was the point..
7. Favorite show ever done?

U of I on my bday 2010 - 7,000 people - and my crew with family and friends coming out to show love - we shut it down - and its was just dope to have friends / supporter I've gained over time from high school and college come out and experience that with me...6 hotel rooms, over 12 bottles, some other stuff I cant name and some beautiful women - yea, that went in...ha
8. Xbox or PS3?

PS3 of course - and aint nobody tryin to see me on that NBA 2K ha
9. Any artist dead or alive, who would you work with?

Krayzie Bone, Slaughterhouse, MGMT, Passion Pit, 2pac, Kid Cudi, Cee-Lo, Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar, the homie MGK, man too many....I'm into collabs man - its a lost art because artists in hip hop are inherently selfish and self centered - but real duus recognize real duus so with time and progression these collabs will happen (well not all of course, for obvious reasons) 
10. Where can the people find more James Wade?

Check me out at
On Instagram: IamJamesWade
On Twitter: IamJamesWade will be revamped and back up in running 1st week in September
Look out for my new videos: Hall Pass and BreakUp also coming in September

s/O to my squad at Th3rd Set - we got some big things goin down - and its just a blessing to be able to continue to do this music to such a high level and have the support and movement that we have - appreciate whoever takes the time out to support this interview and s/o to DJ Swerve and Musical Swerve for the opportunity and support #WHOYOUTHINKKEEPTHELIGHTSON?!?