Thursday, August 9, 2012

MusicalSwerve Exclusive Release: Ru$$ Hall Ft. Soul Kryziz- OUTCHEA

Cleveland, Ohio: Home to some of the worlds best Hip-Hop. I introduce to you MC Ru$$ Hall. Ru$$, influenced by Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake, has a sound that has been missing from the Cleveland area for quite some time. The way he flows over the beat and is able to play with words through the usage of syllables is some of the best rhyming and wordplay I've heard out of Cleveland, and the Mid-West region in a while. Now that the introduction is there, I bring you OUTCHEA his newest single off of his upcoming project MembersONLY. The Cool Club, KushNERD member Ru$$ calls on fellow MC Soul Kryziz (Cleveland) to supply a verse that does straight damage. With smooth production Mark Gee Beats, the track has this mysterious feel to it, leaving the listener wondering what Ru$$ can bring to the table next. Look for more from Ru$$ with the release of MembersONLY and you can also find him on DJ Swerve's First Impressions. Get Hip!