Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MusicalSwerve Exclusive: Inside Look at Chicago MC Sycosis

Chicago has been home to some of the games best artist, and a new name is in the mix with MC Sycosis. I had the chance to ask Sycosis a few questions and get to know him past the music. What makes this MC different from the rest? Find out for yourself and be on the lookout for more music from Sycosis with the release of his project Tri Polar. 

Q. How did you get the name Sycosis?
 A. I started rapping back in like 6th grade so back then it was dope if you could think of a name that was kinda dark and different at the same time. The older heads used to tell us to read the dictionary to learn bigger words to use when we spit. So one day I was reading and came across the word psychosis which is when a person see's and hears things in they mind that might not be real to anyone else. I thought the concept fit me because I was always arguing with people about which artist was better and they thought I was crazy. I used to tell people Wayne could rap back on his second album Lights Out and people laughed...now he's top 3 in the game.
Q. Whats the underground scene in Chicago like these days? 
A. The scene in Chicago is kinda the same as its always been but with a new kind of optimism/bitterness. I think since artist like King Louie and Chief Keefe took off and got record deals as well as people they associated with you have a lot of people optomistic that Chicago is about to blow.  Epecially when Kanye hoped on the "Don't Like" remix shouting out underground artist in the city who are now signed. But on the flip side you got a lot of people angry about that at the same time. Because those guys kind of came out of nowhere and got on quick. Its a lot of people who been grinding for years doing shows and mixtape after mixtape and can't get a DJ in Chicago to play in the club or on raido without having to drop $1,000 per perso. Then some 16 year old kid gets the cosign of the year while he was on house arrest and too young to even perform at any of the clubs now they play it non stop on major radio. So its a lot of people bitter about it but it is what it is. Chicago is a major market looking to find its identity I hope I can be one of the faces that helps mold it.
Q. With the release of your new hit single "Black Whip" whats next for you?
A.Black Whip is actually my fourth video off the Tri-Polar album. If you go back and look at the other three videos like "Best You Never Heard Of" or "My City" or if you hear the album you can see why I call it Tri-Polar. To me each record sounds different and has a different sound and angle. This was the song I made specifically for the summer, for the streets, and I really do have a Black Whip. Actually almost everybody I know does and every whip I ever had was black! So I felt it was still fitting to make a song in that lane that still fits who I am as a lyricst. I think I'll step out even further on my next video and shoot the semi crossover record "Up High" which will be great for the college crowd. I'm nominated for "Artist To Watch" at the Underground Music Awards next month in NY so I plan to go and network and keep pushing forward. Staying #InMotion as we always say on my team.  
Q.. What are your influences when it comes to writing styles?
A.I was told a true rapper could spit over anything so I listened to all types of styles to help me mold mine. I think my style changes depending on the beat and topic because I grew up in the lunch room freestyling and learned that from the artist back then. But I also grew up on artist like Canibus, Eminem, Twista, Bone Thugz, Kanye, T.I., Wayne and a bunch of other people from Cali to New York  an.d in between. I think versatility is what I thrive on most.
Q. If you could pick one artist present or past who would you choose to collaborate with?
A.I think I'd probably pick Eminem to body me on a verse lol. I think dude has crazy rhyme potential and if not him then Slaughterhouse who is under him now. I would also love to do a track with Twista he's a legend from the Chi. As far as new artist people like Wale and J. Cole but actually  I think Bad Boy's new artist Los is actually the best rapper people don't know about. He goes hard so I'd like to work with him as well. 
Q. Xbox or Playstation?
A.I have a PS3 but if I was still a gamer I would go Xbox. The PS3 controller still wins me over so I'm riding with them til the next thing drops lol. 
Q. Favoite pre-show meal?
A. shots of whatever lol. Getting on stage you have to get loose, we like to be real entertainers so if its anything that helps a shot or two of liqour can do the trick.  
Q. Where can the people find more Sycosis?
A. Actually everything you want to know about me could be found in one place which is www.sycosismusic.com I also have a free Sycosis App on Andriod and you can get the music on anywhere that music can be found from iHeartRadio to Spotify to Datpiff and iTunes or Youtube. But like I said the site has it all in one place